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Hopefully you’ve now fully recovered from the chocolate coma that descends across this nation every Easter, and are ready to leap back into action. But what comes next? As always, BestCourse4Me has the answer. But before you get to reading, what about writing?

Student Blogger needed!

BestCourse4Me is looking for a witty Year 12 student to write a short monthly blog about the process of applying for university. Along with iTunes vouchers (and the fuzzy feeling that comes with sharing your wisdom) you'll be rewarded with the experience of creating content that will be read by thousands of students like you. This is the perfect first step for anyone interested in journalism, writing or social media as a whole.

If you're interested, send an email to

This month
What to think about if you're in year 12
What to think about if you're in year 13
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This month
What to think about if you're in year 12
It can seem like a pretty long process to find, and then get into the right university for you. Sadly until universities club together and invent some kind of Harry-Potter-style-sorting-hat method of trawling through UCAS applications, we’re stuck with grades, exams, and revision.

But as this is something that you have complete control over getting right - don’t just work hard - work smart. One of our top tips for revision is to work out what works for you personally, which depends what style of learner you are. To put it bluntly, are you a seer, a hearer or a doer?

 • Seers benefit from images instead of endless pages of text. Make posters of key points and put them up around your house where you’ll see them regularly. We recommend gluing them directly over the TV screen for maximum efficiency.

 • Hearers remember notes by reading them out loud, or from hearing them. Pester a family member to sit with you and read your work to you. If you can stand the sound of your own voice, why not make recordings and listen to them while you’re out and about?

• Doers learn by practice, practice, practice. Understanding what it is exactly that you are trying to study is one way to drum it into your memory. A great way of doing this is by teaching a friend what you’re trying to learn. It’s a win-win, they learn about biology and you remember the facts.

If you have no idea which you are? Try them all and see which gives the best results.  

But getting into uni is about more than just grades. Entry requirements are only a rough guide. Some people with the right grades don't get a place, while others who don't get the results, still get in.  
Some unis advertise lower grades than the ones you actually need in practice (to make themselves seem more accessible). Others bump up the necessary grades in public, perhaps to try to attract a higher achieving kind of student. To see what A-levels people studied to get into certain courses, check out the bC4me website.

Many unis will take a creative attitude to the qualifications of students from non-traditional backgrounds (such as mature students), especially if you've got other experience that counts for you. And most will use your personal statement as a way of colouring in the black and white grades with a flavour of your personality. Some do interviews or even have their own entry exams.

What to think about if you're in year 13
If you’ve heard from all your unis, have made your decision, and told them: Then you’re done with application process. Now you can breath a tiny sigh of relief. Aaah. But don't take your foot off the pedal yet, now you need to put all your effort into making sure you get your grades or meet any other conditions your acceptance choices unis may have asked. Sure its hard work now but once your settled in at your perfect university, or even further down the line in your perfect career - then you'll get to enjoy the fruits of your work.

If you’ve heard from all your unis and still have to make your decisions: You've got just a few weeks to weigh up your options and accept the best for you (one 'firm' first choice and one 'provisional' back-up) and reject the rest. The deadline is 8th May. If you missed any of our tips on sorting through offers, you can catch up here.

If you’re still waiting to hear from some of your unis: Don’t worry. You should hear from them very soon. They're supposed to have let you know by the end of March, but sometimes, they just take a bit longer. At this stage though, it doesn't hurt to chase them.

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In the news
Uni marking strike on hold

Several months ago we told you that university lecturers were planning a marking boycott due to a dispute in pay rises. Originally due to start next week, it has now been put on hold while University and College Union members vote on what to do next. Whatever happens, it’s probably still a pretty good idea to get your work handed in on time.

Students trying to gamble their way out of debt

A recent survey from Save the Student has shown that around 20% of students have gambled in an attempt to make money. For some it may just be the odd flutter, but with an estimated 127,000 young people in the UK having a gambling problem, students certainly aren’t immune. If you or someone you know is having trouble controlling their gambling you can talk to Gamcare for free confidential advice.

PhD research into lacklustre Eurovision results

A doctoral student at Manchester Metropolitan University’s human geography department will be flying to Copenhagen for next month’s annual contest to conduct first-hand research – specifically focusing on why we’ve been doing so badly in the last few years. Finally, academia may give us a decent excuse as to why we’ve never topped Katrina and the Waves.