Finding your way around

From the home page you can reach most of the site, this section will dicuss how to access parts of the site that may not be visible at first glance to help you find your way.

There are features such as 'latest news' and 'bC4me in the media' where you can keep up to date with what is going on with bC4me and other realted stories in the media. Links to other organisations that deal with educational standards are available in the 'facts & goodies' section.


Further down the page the game 'Race for the Top' is linked, there are feeds to 'latest news' and bC4me's Twitter page. You can sign up for the email newsletter and you can also give us your feedback to be put in the draw to win £50 of iTunes vouchers!


By clicking on the 'Compare careers', 'Stuck for ideas?', 'What to study?', 'Where to study?', or 'Compare actual courses' buttons on the home page you can access the Explorer page. When you first enter the Explorer page it will look like this:


Simply click on the tab you are interested in and a graph will appear based on your choices

  • The A-Levels tab will give you a graph of what degrees people have gone on to study after studying the A-Levels you've selected
  • The Degree, University, and Careers tabs show graphs of Average Lifetime Pay of people at different stages of their lives who have followed the options you've selected
  • The Search Summary tab gives a wealth of information on First Careers after Graduating, Average Lifetime Pay for Graduates, Starting Salaries and more for all the choices you've made throughout the Explorer Area

You can select up to 6 options.

To deselect something simply click again.

If at any time you want to start over, click the 'Clear Selections' button.

To get more detailed information about the items you've selected, click the 'Search Summary' button.

To select a different kind of item (for example, to move looking at degree subjects to looking at universities) click on the relevant tab, you can go forwards and backwards through the Explorer Area.