For Parents

What do bC4me get out of it?Job satisfaction. We are a charity aimed at increasing social mobility and not letting intelligent and motivated students waste their talents purely because of a lack of information. The site is completely free. As we have no sponsors we have no hidden agenda or interests in portraying any particular university in a poorer or better light.

Is anyone going to see my choices?Not unless you show them. We will not pass on your choices or searches to any other party. What you search is completely confidential. We will see which pages have been used (resources, contact us etc.) so that we know which pages are most popular, and can continually adapt the site to try to improve it.

Is my stuff private?Yes, we will not pass on your searches or choices to any other party. We will see which pages have been visited (e.g. resources, contact us etc.) but that is so that we can track which pages are the most popular and try to improve our site to suit you.

Is it a fair comparison of universities/courses?Yes. We are an unbiased charity so have no hidden agenda. We won't make and university or course appear better or worse than it is but will just show you the information that we have. When looking at our data however it should be kept in mind that we might not have a full set of data, depending on what we have been given, and this might affect how a course or university is presented.

What makes bC4me better than other comparison sites?Simply, we have more information. We are the first, and only, website that compares both university and employment statistics. We are a charity, aimed at encouraging students and giving them good and practical advice without sugar-coating it. Because of this we are unbiased, we don't favour any university or degree type. What you see is what you get.

What information can I get?We have information on salaries given a-levels taken, degree, university attended and career path over the years and how these change. We have information on length of time out of employment following graduation, both depending on university and degree.

Is it reliable?Simply: yes. Our data on employment and salaries is collected from 2 official nationally collected sets of statistics - the Labour Force Survey and the Destination of Leavers survey from the Higher Education Statistics agency. Our details about/of individual courses have been painstakingly collected from the universities' websites.

Is it useful?We like to think so, however if you have any suggestions for improvements we welcome the feedback.

We have large amounts of information that students should be made aware of before making choices that will affect their futures, which we like to think is presented in an easy and approachable way.