Teacher's guide to student finance

With the changes to student finance back in 2012, many students have found that it’s not just getting the grades that determines whether they will go to the University of their choice, but the potential costs they would face if they did. The changes meant that Universities could increase their maximum charge from £3,375 to a potential £9,000 – which, understandably, left a lot of students worried about what that meant for them.

This has in turn had an effect on teachers, who wanted to learn more about the subject to find out what advice they could give, and how they could help their students decide what the best choice was for them. This led Martin Lewis, Head of the Independent Taskforce on Student Finance Information, to use his inside knowledge to put together a teacher’s guide to student finance, to help educators understand the new changes and provide them with all the information they need to answer any questions their students may have about the cost of university. That way, teachers can help their students to make informed decisions about their future, knowing the price and how this will actually affect them.