Lesson plans

Applying for university can be a daunting prospect, and often the hardest part is that first step - deciding what course to take. Some students have a strong idea about the careers they want to go into, and need advice on what the best courses are to get them there. Some students know what subjects they enjoy now, but don’t know where to take them afterwards.

bestCourse4me is a great resource to point students in the right direction, and these lesson plans are designed to help bring this tool into the classroom. Our six lesson plans relate to a number of key subjects, and act as an interactive guide to the website, allowing students to explore courses and careers related to specific A-Levels to show what paths are open to them, and which their best choice is.

While these plans are great for use in a classroom environment, they are also here to be used by prospective students, teachers and parents for reference and use whenever they like. Don’t worry if your course isn’t listed below either – these guides can be applied to any subject, and you can enter up to 6 subjects in the on-site searches (you’re welcome, IB students!).