How-To videos

To help you make the most of our course finder tool, we’ve made a set of short videos to explain how to use it to get the information you need. These are great classroom resources to show your students how bestCourse4me can help them choose the right university courses for them.

The videos are also great for use at home, either by students who are looking for advice on where to go next, and what options are open to them in terms of what course to do at university, or by teachers, parents or friends who want to offer help and support in their choice.

These videos cover three separate ways to use the course finder tool: to find what A levels are needed for your preferred career, to find out what degrees are commonly taken with you’re A levels, or to find what degrees are suggested for your preferred career. Click the links below to find out more.

How to Choose A level Subjects

How to Find a Degree

How to Find a Career