Part-time and summer job hunting advice

Thursday, September 15, 2016 12:00 AM

Sophie-Anne Bradley from Student Job has some excellent tips for earning a bit of money while at university

A part time or a summer job can bring you many benefits both personally and professionally. Here are the main advantages of having a part-time or summer job:

Boost CV – you will be able to pad out your CV with new skills that you have gained such as the ability to work in a team, the ability to solve problems and time management skills.

Prepares you – while your part time or summer job might not be the career path you want to pursue for the long term it will still help to prepare you for the world of work. You will have a routine and will be used to the work environment which will be valuable to you in the future.

Earn extra money – you will be earning your own money which is a lot more rewarding then being given pocket-money from your parents. This will enable you to do fun activities in your free time and maybe even save some for a big purchase in the future!

Meet new people –  you will meet a lot of new people, both colleagues and customers which will help to improve your communication skills and your confidence levels.

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Types of jobs available

There are many different summer and part time jobs that are available to you:

  • Retail positions
  • Waiter or Waitress positions
  • Baby sitting
  • Summer camps
  • Volunteering
  • Supermarkets
  • Departments stores

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Where to look

There are a lot of places where you can start your search for a part-time or summer job. Even if you don’t find a job vacancy right away be patient as there are always a lot of new vacancies being posted daily.  

Search online – A simple Google search will lead you to plenty of sites that offer part time and summer jobs, many companies also post their vacancies on Facebook so it is worth keeping an eye out for this.

Recruitment agencies – this is a popular method of finding a job in hospitality, catering, office and events work. They will assist your search in finding a job by matching your profile to suitable vacancies.

Friends and family – Your friends might already have a part-time job and they might be able to hand your CV to the manager, or your family members might know someone that works for a company that has part-time/summer vacancies.

High street – there is no harm going round high street shops and restaurants and handing over your CV, sometimes managers prefer this as you are seen as taking a pro-active approach to your job search and they will get a chance to meet you.

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Top tips

  • Be flexible – the job you get offered might not be your ideal job role but it is most likely not going to be a job you will stick with for the rest of your career. But you never know you might end up loving it!
  • Make a great CV – this is what the employer will first see of you in some circumstances so make sure your CV is up to date. Have a look at some sample CVs to give you some inspiration.
  • Start looking early – companies anticipate busy periods over summer so make sure you fill in an application or send in your CV early!
  • Apply to plenty of companies – make sure you send your CV to plenty of companies to increase your chances of getting interviews.
  • Keep on top of your studies - While it might be nice earning extra money it is important that your studies always come first. You don’t want to be pushing yourself to the point where you are struggling juggling your education, social life and a job.

A part time and summer job will give you the opportunity to gain new skills and is an investment that will pay off once you have finished your studies and search for a full time job. Good luck with your search!

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