Introducing our new student blogger, Richeldis

Wednesday, August 24, 2016 12:00 AM

Hi my name is Richeldis. I’ve just finished lower 6 th year and I did AS exams,

which I know this year some schools have opted not to. My main hobby is music

and I play the violin, flute, piano and French horn, hoping to do diplomas in

violin and flute at Christmas. I also play sport, hockey mostly, and dance in my

free time.

My subjects are:




French (dropping at the end of this year).

*Maths is a weird one because what I’ve done is taken the whole A-level in one

year with the intention of doing the whole of Further Maths in Upper 6 th , but I

have decided not to add the extra pressure and so will just resit all of the Maths

at the end of next year again.

My AS results are:

Biology: A

Maths: A

Chemistry: B (even though I felt this was my strongest exam!)

French: D (obviously definitely dropping this one!)

My target grades are: AAA*

I would like to study Medicine and so have been practising for the UKCAT all

summer. Although medicine is my chosen path, I do love politics and do enjoy

debating ideas with people.

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