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Friday, October 23, 2015 2:00 PM

Hello and here’s an update about my last few months. You all know that results day was in August and unfortunately I didn’t get the results I was hoping for; but, the good thing is that I still have one more chance in resitting two of my units from last year. The other good thing is that I didn’t have to resit the whole year but went straight to A2. I understood where I went wrong and I’d like to emphasise the importance of working hard through the WHOLE year. I worked hard right at the beginning and then lost my motivation during the middle of the year and then worked really hard towards the end. But of course it was a bit late by then. So if you are just starting in sixth form, I’m going to give you all some advice:

  • Work hard throughout the whole year (even if you have to force yourself)
  • Motivate yourself with something that you know will work (My trick is to think about someone I’m really close to and imagine them telling me to work or I’ll just imagine my teachers’ faces when I get good results this summer! I do a lot of imagining!)
  • When you finish a topic, do at least three practise questions on it so you reinforce your understanding but DON’T do every question you find: you won’t have any left for doing at the end when it comes to revision
  • Find two or three places in your house where you find it easy to work (mine is sitting in the garden when it is sunny or in the living room). You can alternate and get a change of setting whilst refreshing your brain. If you know you’ll get distracted with your phone, then turn it off or tell everyone that you’re busy and you’ll talk to them later (at least then you won’t worry about someone texting you and wondering where you are).

Personal Statement

I’d also just like to mention that I’ve pretty much completed my personal statement and just need to get it checked by my deputy head. If any of you are in my situation right now, then I suggest that you get your statement checked by two or three teachers but not every teacher you meet in the corridor. If you get too many opinions then it is likely your statement will not be in your own words and of course everyone has different opinions.

Remember that apart from your predicted grades, your personal statement is your calling card – and tutors will use it to judge if you are appropriate for the course. You’re trying to impress the admission tutors so write what they’re looking for: why YOU want to study that course (note that YOU is in capitals because YOU are the person trying to get into university not your parents or friends or teachers), what experience you have and what you’ve learnt from it and any other skills that are relevant to your course (give examples of how you have acquired these) and also mention any hobbies (e.g. martial arts).

It’s best to get your personal statement done before the end of October, so you can get a final check, make sure everything on your UCAS page is completed and then send it off at the end of that month or in November.

I know a few of you are thinking ‘What is she applying for?’ Well, I’m applying for Pharmacy and if I get better grades, I’ll try getting into Optometry. I’ve been looking at The Student Room and the most common problem people are having are the predicted grades their teachers are giving. I need at least a prediction of BBB/BBC and obviously a good personal statement.

Good luck to everyone who is applying to university.

By Maihvish, Student Blogger

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