How to Use the Holiday Time Wisely & Manage your Workload

Friday, August 28, 2015 12:00 AM

I’m back! Gosh the past couple months have been incredibly hectic for me. I’m off to Malaysia in a couple hours, but duty calls and I am blogging from Birmingham Airport!


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve literally been buzzing around like a busy bee from the start of the summer holidays! In July, along with my team from Howell’s, I was lucky enough to win the European Youth Parliament Nationals! (YAY!!), and since then I have not had a break. As well as volunteering to do the Extended Project Qualification, my beloved college (note the slight sarcasm) has also decided to give me essays and projects for the summer! However, I’m here to offer anyone out there who may be in the same position as me, some advice on how to manage the workload before I fly off.


Manage your holiday workload

Firstly, don’t procrastinate. This is my worst habit! Instead, try and be organised and do what you can – perhaps create a timetable to work to. Also, don’t stress or work yourself to the bone! This is our only long holiday before the ‘big push’, so I hope you’ve taken a break! I’m sure that once you’re sitting in the ‘work zone’, those essays will be done within the blink of an eye. Don’t be afraid to take some work with you if your holiday is still to come; I’ll have the joy of reading Lolita whilst sitting poolside to prepare for my English project which is due this autumn term. It’s always going to work out if you persevere and stay optimistic!


Extended Project Qualification

Now for those of you currently or thinking of doing the EPQ, here are my two cents’ worth of advice:


It is a lot of work and it’s all un-aided, independent study. Don’t feel daunted by this; it’s almost like a taster/transition for Uni. Just make sure you’re researching something that excites and intrigues you. I changed my initial idea at the end of summer term after being inspired by a novel. And trust me, this new plan was in a completely different direction to what I had decided to do before, so don’t be afraid to take on what you feel is right for you. That’s what matters. Of course this should correlate with what you want to study at Uni. For example; I am researching how South Korea’s entertainment industry has helped with the country’s development and the course I wish to take is International Development. Simple! Don’t feel like you have to study and do your research in the same way as your peers. My peers may choose to run surveys, whilst I will only do interviews as I’m pretty sure not many people in South Wales know detailed information on South Korea! Also don’t be afraid to research something outlandish! It’ll make you stand out more, and be the lion in the herd of sheep. I could’ve chosen to study water development in correlation to my desired course at university; however I’m pretty much researching k-pop and k-dramas, AND TRUST ME IT’S SO MUCH MORE FUN! So do something original, and something that excites you.


Before I ramble on till the end of time, let me leave you with a quote that’s recently helped me stay optimistic and motivated.


‘Life is only a path full of efforts’ – Byun Baekhyun

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