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Thursday, May 14, 2015 12:00 AM

HI there

My name is Anisah Hussain, I’m currently at the end of year 12, studying at Howell’s sixth form college Llandaff.  For my A-levels I am currently studying; English Literature, Religious Studies and Business Studies. I am lucky enough to be one of the bloggers this year on I hope to be able to provide you all with some fabulous advice in my duration of being a blogger for this site! Below is my first blog on A-level choices.


A-Level Choices


With college or sixth form approaching soon, students across the nation will have to choose what subjects they wish to take for A-level. These subjects are the stepping-stones to the rest of your life. If anything you’re allowed to freak out a little. Don’t stress too much as I’m here to offer you brilliant advice from me; an experienced ‘confused’ teen who was once in the position you are now.


Now if you’re that kid that’s surrounded by their friends who all miraculously know what subjects they need to take, yet you yourself have no idea, and you’re feeling like a lost sheep. Don’t worry. I was there too. All my friends wanted to be doctors and I had no clue what I wanted to do.  So I’ve invented a brilliant and simple list of Dos and Don’ts to help ease the stress.


  1. 1.     Don’t choose what your friends are doing; choose what you want to do.

I despised math, quadratic equations were the bane of my existence, yet literally all of my friends chose that subject. However if I chose it, I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it, and I’d have no passion or motivation to succeed at it. So I chose English. Literature is my escape and I love it. Learn from me, pick what YOU want, it’ll make you’re A levels a little easier.


  1. 2.     Do seek advice from teachers and career’s advisors.

They know you and your capability in subjects, and will help you find the ones suited to you and what you want to do.


  1. 3.     Do look at other colleges or schools, if the one you’ re currently at doesn’t offer the subjects you wish to take.

I left my old school a little spontaneously as it didn’t offer me the opportunities or subjects I wanted, and traded up for another sixth form that did. I may have left behind familiarity and friends (as I had been at that school throughout my entire life), but I’ve made new ones and I’m still in contact with my old ones. Sometimes change can be a good thing. In a way it’s helped prepare me for my transition for university.


  1. 4.    Do attend careers evenings and subject choice evenings that your school may offer.

I remember going to mine in March last year. I cannot stress how helpful it was: always try to attend this event. When I went I learned about the subjects I was interested and what the course would be like the next year. From whether it was marked with coursework and exams, to the workload and so much more. It helped me make the world changing decision to choose English literature over English Language (surprisingly they’re incredibly different!).



That’s it! It’s that easy to pick subjects you’re likely to excel at and enjoy! Now I must bid you a farewell so that you can begin the successful quest for your ‘Final Four.’

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