Talia blogs about finalising your university choices

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 12:00 AM

Talia, one of our student bloggers, grapples with university choices.

Your Personal Statement is ready. You’ve got your references sorted. You’ve managed to remember all of your grades from GCSE and AS. The only problem? You can’t finalise your choices.

Many Year 13s, just like me, are beginning to submit UCAS applications. But filling in those last one or two university choices is harder than it seems. Whilst you may have found a few great universities that you’d love to go to, finding five can be quite a challenge. As tempting as it may be to put any universities down to fill up those gaps, it’s important to think practically - these are places that you need to be happy to attend. You might find that based on your offers, you’ll end up going to any one of the universities you list, not the ones that you chose immediately.

So, how can you decide your final few choices?

Firstly, do your research. Although it may be a little late in the year to attend open days, much of the information given at these can be found on the university’s website. Also, if you know someone who went to an open day at a university you are interested in, ask them what they thought. Keep in mind, however, that their ideals for university may differ from yours - don’t completely judge a university based on someone else’s impression.

Also, why not try using independent university comparison sites, of which there are plenty. www.bestcourse4me.com has a great tool that allows you to compare different universities and the courses that they offer. That way, if your list of universities is too long, you can easily narrow it down and find the ones that are perfect for you.

So, when you’ve finalised your choices, all you need to do is put them into your UCAS, check the rest of your application, and you’re ready to send it off!

Good luck!

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