Talia's latest blog with some pros and cons of uni

Monday, July 14, 2014 12:00 AM

Talia, one of our student bloggers, shares some pros and cons of university to help you answer the "should I go to uni?" question.

With exams well out of the way and results day in the distant future, some of you will begin to think about life after school. Although September seems a long way off, personal statements and applications will roll around. This poses the big question - Should I go to university?

It’s a big choice for any teen, and unfortunately there’s no straightforward answer. Whilst some people might be resolute about higher education, others will be debating about their options. I’ve put together a list of positives and negatives of university that will hopefully give you a helping hand in your decision.

    •        A new experience. University is definitely a change from school, with new teaching styles and subjects. If you’re fed up of being controlled at school, university will certainly offer you freedom. You’ll get a chance to live independently, without any parents nagging you about homework, chores, or tidying your room!
    •        The benefits of a degree. Although this point is argued nowadays, having a degree will certainly boost your resume. It will show that you have the hard work and dedication to get through three or more years in a specific subject. Plus, there are financial gains. “The average graduate earns around 30% more than someone with just A levels.” (www.bestcourse4me.com)
    •        Student life. Ultimately, there is nothing that matches the experience of university life. You’ll be able to meet lots of new people and join clubs and societies. Many people say that their university years were the best years of their lives - you are beyond the restrictions of school and have fewer of the worries of the adult world, such as mortgages and jobs (although many students supplement their income by holding down part-time jobs).

    •        Flying the nest. It’s a daunting prospect to move away from home, especially as your dream university may be across the country. It will certainly be a new experience to be financially independent and having to cover bills that your parents would normally have paid.
    •        Financial issues. University can be costly, and this is an issue that can put many people off university. However, don’t let this problem be the one that stops you going to uni. There are plenty of student loan schemes to help you with financing university, and you don’t have to start paying back your student loan until your postgraduate earnings reach a certain level. Bursaries, scholarships and grants are also available at many universities.
There are many other factors to include in your university decision, but this list covers a few of the main ones. If you’re struggling to find a university course, check out www.bestcourse4me.com . It has a great course finder that will help you get closer to your uni decision, as well as lots of information on how to finance your university years. Good luck!

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