Zoe begins her blogging adventure!

Friday, May 24, 2013 12:00 AM

Zoe, a Sixth Form student from Cumbria and our new student blogger, introduces herself in her first blog about the university entrance process.

I'm Zoe, a Sixth Form student from up north in Cumbria, studying for my ASs. We've just begun the gruelling exam period (hoorah!) and I shall be quickly transferring into Year 13 when we return.

I really hope these blogs prove useful to all of you. I'm hoping to give a little insight into the mysterious and dynamic world of preparation for university. That's currently my aim, but I've been told that much can change when it comes to your final year of school.

What university and where? I have no idea! I'll be sure to blog my university visits, prospectus readings and assemblies, the first of which we had on Tuesday, and frightened the living daylights out of us. It was simply a taste of how to go about your research and the main tip was UCAS, UCAS and more UCAS.

I like to think it'd be boring if we had all our plans mapped out in front of us, so at least the uncertainty gives us something to look towards! I really like the idea of studying abroad, but I'm yet to contemplate the possibility; let's just get these exams knocked off first!

As for my subjects, currently I'm up to my eyeballs in Biology, Photography, Health and Social Care and History (the older version if you get what I mean). My choices changed three times before I finally made my decision. That's because I found a career of interest after my school's open evening gave us some careers advice. That career was nursing.

It wasn't just new subjects either. I'm one of the newbies of the school, and I'm loving every second. Why? Because truth be told I was bored and wanted to shake things up. Best decision I ever made! The open evening I went to was organised by the students, run by the students and presented by the students with the full support of staff members, it sounded like my kind of place!

Moving schools didn't just give me the shake up I wanted placement wise, but also in subjects. History at my old school was all from one time period. Boring! Now I had the option of three different courses for one subject! Photography gave me the chance to be a little creative which I'm thanking my lucky stars for.

After giving the UCAS website a browse it turns out that nursing students are expected to take Biology, and Health and Social was also credited. There are times I wish that there was the option of Human Biology, but it gives me the biggest challenge of my A-Levels which I'm grateful for: it keeps me on my toes. Health and Social is fantastic and by far my favourite subject, simply because it involves what I'm really interested in, the care of others.

So that's a little insight into my life of A-levels. I'm sure throughout these blogs you'll hear my excitements, grievances and above all, my experience of university plans!

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