The best and worst courses for employemnt straight out of university

Thursday, September 27, 2012 12:00 AM

Christine Buccella, Project Director at bestCourse4me, has some insights into the best and worst courses for employability

I've been having a quick look at some of the data on our website, bestCourse4me, and the fact is, if you want to get a job straight after university then Complementary Medicine and Drama are excellent choices. But bad luck graduates in Classical Greek Studies, Materials Science and Landscape Design, which have high unemployment rates post graduation.

Less than 3% of Complementary Medicine and Dance graduates are reported to be unemployed 6 months after university. In contrast, subjects with high unemployed percentages straight out of university are Classical Greek Studies (53% unemployed), Materials Science (28%) and Landscape Design (22%).

In addition, graduates who study STEM subjects will find it easier to find employment in their chosen field on graduation. Graduates from maths and science based degrees commonly end up in professional jobs six months after university. For instance, the top destination for maths and economics graduates is business and statistical professions - accounting for one in five of those who end up in employment. Likewise, the most common job for Chemistry graduates to enter is a science profession (20%).

The outcomes for Art, Social Science and Humanities graduates are more mixed. From a number of courses, the most likely occupation for them to be employed in six months after university is sales and retail or administrative roles. For instance, the most common occupation for Media, Languages, Ancient Languages, Fine Art, History, Sociology and Psychology graduates is sales and retail.

I know that there are many things to consider when you are choosing the best course to study at university, but I've shown here that courses vary wildly when it comes to getting a good job (or any job, for that matter) upon graduation, so this might be something to take into account when making your choice.



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